Antimicrobials and Fermentates

Protecting Food Quality 


Today’s consumers demand their food be clean, safe, and fresh when it arrives in their kitchens—but controlling unwanted microbial flora in food can be a constant, shifting challenge.

DuPont™ Danisco® Antimicrobials and Fermentates ensure that your food meets sensory quality requirements and keeps it fresher for longer.

Whether used as a topical application or as an ingredient in the manufacturing process, our safe and effective solutions are ideal for use in an array of foods and beverages. The right one depends on your product and market.


  • BioVia® Antimicrobial Blends

Effective microbial control for uncured and cured meat and poultry products, with the benefit of cleaner labeling.

  • MicroGARD® Fermentates

MicroGARD® is a patented natural, clean-label range for shelf life protection.

  • Natamax® Antimicrobial

With natamycin as its active compound, the effect of Natamax® Antimicrobial has been demonstrated in many food products over a wide range of pH values and after heat treatment.

  • Nisaplin® Antimicrobial

Nisaplin is a heat-stable non-dairy based antimicrobial product used in a wide range of foods.

  • NovaGARD® Blends

Good alone, better together - powerful combinations to control both spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms and extend shelf life.

How We Help


Every piece of food you save from the trash helps contribute to a more responsible consumption system. Drastically reducing the amount of compromised food in your manufacturing process means a significantly reduced amount of waste—and more food in your consumers’ kitchens.

Using DuPont™ Danisco® Antimicrobials and Fermentates helps to foster consumer confidence in your brand while keeping environmental impact at a minimum.

Our Antimicrobials and Fermentates are in alignment with the objectives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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