Coating Agents


Improving the processability of EPS beads


Our coating agents for expandable polystyrene (EPS) are sourced from edible vegetable oils and are excellent processing aids when it comes to anti-static additives, as well as cooling time enhancers. Our range also includes  integrated 2-in-1 blends of these, for efficient processing and easier handling. 




DIMODAN® HS 75 / HR 75



GRINDSTED® PS 103 / 104


Cell Stabilisation, cooling time enhancer

GRINDSTED® PS 224 / 232


Integrated GMS and GTS blend with uniform particle size for efficient processing.


Key Benefits:

  • Sourced form edible vegetable oils
  • Food-grade additive with high efficiency
  • Very fine particle size

Application Areas

  • Expandable polystyrene

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