Safe and sustainable bio-based plasticizer 


Plasticisers are used to turn the brittle, stiff PVC into a resin suited for soft and flexible applications such as food contact or industrial PVC, as well as children’s toys and medical applications. GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE® responds to the growing consumer and legislative pressure for safe and sustainable alternatives for phthalates. A novel acetylated monoglyceride derived from hydrogenated castor oil, the plasticiser belongs to a class of natural oils and fats that are globally approved as direct food ingredients.

Setting the benchmark for ease-of-use, superior technical profile and excellent safety & sustainable profile.


Key Benefits:

  • Food grade additive sourced from Non-GMO vegetable oil
  • Fully biodegradable and digestible, metabolising like vegetable oils
  • One-to-one replacement of traditional plasticisers, like phthalates without any alteration to the formulation or processing
  • Excellent technical and processing characteristics
  • REACH compliant

Application Areas

  • Food contact PVC – whether blown film, extrusion or plastisol
  • Industrial PVC - coated fabrics (synthetic leather), flooring & carpet backing, domestic cabling
  • Extrusion or plastisol
  • Carrier for liquid pigment formulations
  • Medical applications - tubing, blood and urine bags
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys
  • Skin contact applications

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