Polymer Additives


Discover our efficient, food-grade and bio-based range of polymer additives and plasticizers, sourced from vegetable oils

anti-fouling 1440x700.png

  • Anti-Fouling Agents

Food-grade, amine-free additives
Anti-static 1440x700.png

  • Anti-Static Agents

Food-grade, amine and amide-free additives
Anti-fogging 1440x700.png

  • Anti-Fogging Agents

Food-grade anti-fog additives for broad range of applications
Coating Agents 1440x700.png

  • Coating Agents

Improving the processability of EPS beads
Plasticisers 1440x700.png

  • Bio-based Plasticisers

Safe and sustainable bio-based plasticizer

Safe and Sustainable Additives

Our industry leading food-grade additives portfolio offers the highest efficiency together with uncontested toxicological safety and sustainability allowing our customers to develop safe products free-from restricted or potentially contested chemicals.

Additives are our Second Nature

You can count on our global footprint, as well as our strong process and product know-how with deep application expertise. Additives are approved worldwide for use in packaging materials. They can be used in food packaging applications in amounts necessary to obtain the desired effect. Our polymer additives are also direct food ingredients (dual use) and as such, they guarantee the best possible safety in any application where they may find a use.


Protecting Tomorrow

Consumer are becoming more health-conscious and more responsible concerning products they purchase. Our bio-based and sustainable additives can contribute to lowering your footprint. Read more.

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