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Consumers today are ever more interested in the natural and sustainability credentials of their beauty products – but these products must also be effective, and do what they claim. DuPont has developed GENENCARE®: a range of natural active ingredients developed to improve performance and enhance the consumer's experience over a range of skin, hair, and color cosmetic applications.


GENENCARE® OSMS: Discovering Osmolytes

Osmolytes are nature’s way of managing water balance in living cells. When skin is stressed by external factors (e.g. UV radiation, heat or cold), the water balance of skin cells is disturbed. Osmolytes contribute to skin health by protecting cells from dehydration and by preventing skin proteins from denaturation. Osmolytes’ strong water binding properties makes the GENENCARE® OSMS range excellent moisturizers, proven by many in-vitro and clinical tests.

  • GENENCARE® OSMS BA: Strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes while providing sensorial advantage in personal care formulations. Inci: Betaine.
  • GENENCARE® OSMS MI: An invigorating osmolyte myo-inositol helps fight negative effects of stress and aging by stimulating skin cells metabolism and by improving skin oxygenation and elasticity. Inci: Myo-inositol.
  • GENENCARE® OSMS PRO: Detoxifying osmolyte and amino acid complex designed to contribute to protection against oxidative stress and skin detoxification.

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DuPont is a science company. We continuously invest in the science behind our personal care products, and you are welcome to engage with us and our scientists to learn more.

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GENENCARE® OSMS comes from an upcycled side stream.

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Learn more about the science behind GENENCARE®. 

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