The Science Behind GENENCARE®


Nutrition & Biosciences is a science company. We continuously invest in the science behind our personal care products, and you are welcome to engage with us and our scientists to learn more.


An Overview of Our Work


  • Science of Osmolytes

This article describes the science foundations of osmolytes.

Science Osmolytes video.png

  • Video: Osmolytes

Learn more about osmolytes in this short video. 

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  • Anti-Pollution Beauty

As the link between pollution and its effect on skin becomes more clear, beauty brands are examining how their products extend to the anti-pollution trend.

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  • Hair Care

GENENCARE® OSMS BA can be involved in the natural protection mechanism of the hair fibre and can contribute to hair strength, conditioning, frizz control and scalp health.

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  • Holistically Healthy

Increasingly considered a prerequisite for good-looking, healthy bodies, holistic wellness means having a 360° approach to your beauty care.

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  • Skin Elasticity

GENENCARE® OSMS MI can improve rate of skin elasticity to total skin deformation, net elasticity and total skin deformation.

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  • Sustainability

Find out more about how GENENCARE® OSMS BA contributes to sustainability.

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