AURIST™ Functional Personal Care Ingredients

See, feel and sense the difference.


A New Range of Functional Ingredients for Personal Care

Natural and bio-based materials are part of a revolution that will help us build a more sustainable and satisfying life or future. They are renewably sourced without compromising performance or value. At Personal Care, we like to think of it as science inspired by nature.

The possible applications are limited only by our collective imagination, which has no end. Welcome to a future age of progress in personal care with functional ingredients from Nutrition & Biosciences.

We will soon be introducing new products as part of our AURIST™ range.


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Nutrition & Biosciences is building transparent, responsible supply chains for all our sourced materials. All suppliers sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.
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Nutrition & Biosciences is a science company. We continuously invest in the science behind our personal care products, and you are welcome to engage with us and our scientists to learn more.
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