New Market Study Reveals Biscuit Market Opportunities

In South America, biscuits is an attractive and mature category, but food manufacturers face many day-to-day hurdles

DuPont Nutrition & Health, along with the worldwide recognized research company Euromonitor, recently conducted a market study in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia to better understand the most significant challenges faced by the biscuit category.

In these nations, the biscuit category is attractive and mature with traditional processes, but it comes with many significant challenges. The DuPont and Euromonitor study was designed to help biscuit manufacturers determine how they can best meet consumer demands, such as improving the nutritional profiles of their products with the addition of fiber, proteins, and other special ingredients along with the reduction of sugar and fat.

Biscuit manufacturers face many productivity challenges, such as checking, which can cause cracks and breaks due to poor distribution of heat and water in the dough. Issues with product weight variation in pose is critical challenge for the industry and generate huge losses for producers. This is caused by biscuit expansion, which can vary considerably, effecting units per package and directly impacting industry profit.

"This is a category of small innovation, but there is still a lot of room for the industry to meet and surprise consumer desires,” said Vanessa Martins Mendes, marketing leader for biscuits and bakery. “This includes developing healthier products and with specific appeals to different needs, such as for adults over 60, an audience that only tends to grow and generally stops to consume this category because seeks for other products that meet their needs not explored."

Among the study’s more compelling findings were the following: 

  • According to the study1, in South America, Brazil represents 52% of all biscuit production, followed by Argentina with 23%. In the region, 65% of the production is of sweet cookies, except for Colombia, where the crackers market is the largest. Argentina has the highest consumption per capita in the world, both crackers and sweet biscuits.
  • The factors that most influence the Brazilian consumer at the time of purchase are: price, quantity of fiber and sugar and the list of ingredients.2 Although price is still a strong appeal, given the popularity of the category, products with added grains, or low sugar, fat and calories are trends. Positions of healthiness, are gaining more and more attractiveness in this category.
  • Other influencers at time of purchase are flavor variety, the addition of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and proteins, low sugar and salt, variety of grains, organic products and packaging that maintains freshness2.
  • About 18% of Brazilians agree with the following statement: "Sometimes I buy healthier versions to be able to consume a snack without guilt". This indicates consumers are looking for healthier versions inside and outside of the category, but the economic recession in recent years has harm the purchasing power of Brazilians.

DuPont Nutrition & Health is the ingredient producer that has the most complete portfolio to serve the biscuit market with solutions to each of the manufactures challenges identified in the study as well as to meet consumer desires, with healthier products and cleaner labels, in addition to having innumerable innovative concepts developed and already tested to surprise different audiences. Get in touch with DuPont N&H and share your need, together we will come up with new solutions.

1Euromonitor, DuPont's proprietary research. 

2Mintel's Cookies and Crackers Brazil, November 2017

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