IFF Launches New Cultures Under the YO-MIX® PRIME Series

NEW YORK - Jan. 10, 2022 – IFF today announced the global launch of four new cultures under its YO-MIX® PRIME series destined for yogurt manufacturers. The new cultures join YO-MIX® PRIME 800 and 900 in helping dairy manufacturers to solve a range of major production challenges, enabling them to offer a diverse range of high-quality products to consumers.

IFF developed the first YO-MIX® PRIME series to offer full acidity control, delivering products with premium texture, stable pH and consistent quality through shelf-life. The new YO-MIX® PRIME 801 and 802 cultures in the freeze-dried format as well as YO-MIX® PRIME 830 and 840 cultures in frozen format offer consumers the ultimate mild taste experience. They are also available as part of the texture modulation toolbox, providing manufacturers the flexibility to offer a wide variety of texture to consumers.

Consumers will be able to enjoy affordable and healthier products, due to the cultures’ ability to control acidity and enhance the sweetness perception, allowing manufacturers to formulate yogurts with less added sugar.

With this launch, IFF now offers a total of six highly phage-robust cultures under the game-changing YO-MIX® PRIME umbrella. “After the successful launch of YO-MIX® PRIME 800 and 900, we knew we wanted to deliver even more flexibility for manufacturers to offer a wide variety of texture experiences to consumers,” said Charlotte Debare, global product line manager for YO-MIX®. “These new cultures deliver the same benefits as the original series, but the new texture modulation toolbox will offer producers a flexible and easy way to experiment with different textures based on what their customers prefer” she added.

IFF produces cultures that deliver sustainable innovations across a wide variety of food and beverage products. Learn more about the YO-MIX® PRIME series of cultures and other solutions at https://www.dupontnutritionandbiosciences.com/products/yo-mix-prime-yogurt.html

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