IFF Displays Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions, Tailored to Address Current, Future Industry Challenges

WILMINGTON, Del. — Oct. 27, 2021 — As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve – introducing increasingly complex drugs, unique delivery modes and new dosage forms – the Pharma Solutions division of IFF is dedicated to helping formulators and manufacturers evolve alongside it. With extensive expertise and the industry’s broadest portfolio, including brands like Avicel® and METHOCEL, IFF continues to strengthen its commitment to helping customers solve every-day challenges and bringing novel products to the pharmaceutical market, which were on recent display at AAPS PharmSci 360.

For decades, IFF’s products and researchers have helped formulators develop robust and stable delivery forms, whether that is in tablets, capsules, multiparticulates, or liquid suspensions. This year at PharmaSci360, formulators were able to see IFF’s most recent research including:

  • In Vitro Study of the Effect of Alcohol on Drug Release from Matrix Tablets: Strategies for formulating tablet matrices with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and polyethylene oxide that are resistant to alcohol dose-dumping.
  • Oleogel Matrices for Controlled Drug Release Using Ibuprofen as a Model Compound: Modifying the release of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) that are soluble or dispersible in oil by incorporating them into an oleogel.
  • Comparative Performance of Novel Surfactant Excipient and Standard Technologies at Different Interfaces: Examining a novel surfactant designed to improve the stability of biologic antibody drugs. 

At PharmSci 360, IFF also showcased excipient solutions, including: strategies for increasing consistency in powder rheology, an essential element of continuous manufacturing; improving protein stability in pharmaceuticals to avoid undesirable immunogenic responses and loss of efficacy; using microcrystalline cellulose as an effective protective barrier during compaction of extended release multi-unit particulate systems; enhancing suspension stability; modifying API release in hydrophilic matrix tablets.

Further underscoring IFF’s dedication to pharmaceutical science, Susan Jordan, Technical Fellow, Pharma Solutions, IFF, received The AAPS Journal High Impact Article Award during the event, for her contribution to the recently published paper, “Interfacial Stress in the Development of Biologics: Fundamental Understanding, Current Practice, and Future Perspective.” 

“From identifying how to modify drug release in capsules or tablets to introducing new surfactant technologies for emerging biologic drugs – we’re working to help customers solve daily challenges while also partnering with them for future challenges in drug delivery,” said Shrikant Khot, Vice President, Global R&D, Pharma Solutions, IFF. “It’s our goal to utilize our polymer and formulation expertise to continue to be a trusted supplier to our customers, so they can move confidently through the ever-evolving pharma space.”

To learn more about how IFF’s excipient solutions and research are helping the industry, visit iff.com/portfolio/markets/pharmaceutical


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