DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Announces healthy eating trends for South America

New eating habits reveal opportunities for the plant-based food and beverage market.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences is releasing data from studies that reveal recent eating habits from around the world that show trends that have come to stay. These trends point to a growth path for categories of plant-based food and beverages, in line with the so-called plant-based diet.

One of the source-based surveys conducted with HealthFocus® International highlights the significant market opportunity in plant-based foods and the link with many of the important trends shaping diets worldwide. The intention of the disclosure of these data is to promote a deeper understanding of the evolving markets and to direct the products according to the demands of different consumer groups.

The most important advantages that survey respondents identified in plant-based food consumption are the impacts on body and lifestyle. Benefits such as health and wellness appear prominent, and also issues such as sustainability, environment and concern for animals are cited as important.

Data from the studies show, for example, that about 60% of Brazilian consumers are increasing the consumption of plant products and reducing the consumption of animal products, with the number reaching 70% globally. It is important to make a distinction between those who are reducing animal protein and those who continue to consume the same amount of animal protein as the market becomes more complex and fragmented.  

Other important discoveries gathered by DuPont N&B include: 

  • Consumers are willing to pay a little more for plant-based products.
  • Protein has been identified as a nutrient that most people want to add to their diet (from plant sources, citing almonds, cashews, soybeans, and seeds).
  • The number of plant-based beverage launches grew 99% in 3 years (2015-2018) in South America, and that of food, 115% (Source: Innova 2019).

This plant-based movement shows that animal-based food and beverages can also be plant-based, improving flavor and quality.

"There is an interesting potential market for consumers called flexitarians, consumers who substitute animal protein for the plant counterpart at least once a week and are motivated by increased health awareness, lifestyle and social issues such as sustainability," said Gisele Barros, marketing leader for the beverage industry in South America, Nutrition & Biosciences.

"To meet the demand of consumers seeking to include more healthy options on their menu, without giving up flavor and texture, we offer numerous solutions. We are prepared to offer sustainable ingredients and help solve the challenges inherent in the production of plant-based food", said Glauco R. Pinto, Regional Marketing Leader, DuPont N&B.

Nutrition & Biosciences has a long history with plant protein as well as a broad portfolio that includes probiotics, cultures, fiber, stabilizers, emulsifiers and food protection for a wide variety of industry solutions. The latest innovations include the new Danisco® VEGE cultures, specially formulated for a variety of plant-based fermented products; and TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein, a pea protein that has superior performance in sensory attributes, functionality, consistency, and batch-to-batch quality.

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