DuPont Nutrition & Health Introduces HOWARU® Shape

Breakthrough Probiotic Clinically Proven to Trim Your Waist

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Today, DuPont Nutrition & Health(DuPont) announced the launch of HOWARU® Shape, an innovative probiotic formula clinically proven to reduce waist circumference in overweight adults.

In a clinical study, HOWARU® Shape, which contains 10 billion CFU Bifidobacterium lactis B420™, reduced waist circumference by up to one inch. When taken in combination with 12g Litesse® Ultra™ prebiotic fiber, HOWARU® Shape also was shown to reduce body fat mass and trunk fat. The study was conducted with 225 healthy volunteers (healthy, BMI 28–34.9) who were randomized into four groups (1:1:1:1), using a computer-generated sequence, for 6 months of double-blind, parallel treatment.

Probiotic strain B420™ has been demonstrated in-vitro to increase epithelial integrity1, a key function of the digestive tract. Litesse® Ultra™ prebiotic fiber has been shown in clinical studies to reduce energy intake2, increase satiety3 and decrease after-meal feelings of hunger4. Separately, and in combination, the probiotic strain B420™ and Litesse® Ultra™ demonstrate health benefits.

Clinically demonstrated benefits of HOWARU® Shape in combination with Litesse® Ultra™ versus placebo.

  • 4.5 percent reduction in total body fat mass

  • 6.7 percent reduction in trunk fat

  • 1 inch (2.6cm) reduction in waist circumference 

“DuPont continues to be the leader in scientific innovation with the broadest range of clinically documented probiotics, and HOWARU® Shape is the latest breakthrough,” said Anders Gron Norager, Director, Global Probiotics at DuPont. “In 2016, the global weight loss supplement market was an almost $5 billion category and growing, and we know these consumers are not just interested in dieting, they want overall health and wellness, which includes looking good. HOWARU® Shape is geared toward those who want to lose weight but need help. We’re proud to offer these customers a proven way to manage their body shape naturally.”

HOWARU® Shape does not contain stimulants and is proven safe, effective and well-tolerated. It is a highly stable product, and ideal for capsules or sachets. For more information on HOWARU® Shape, please visit

1 Putaala et al. Res Microbiol 2008

2 Hull et al 2012; Astbury et al 2013

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