DuPont Nutrition & Health Debuts Pea Protein for Beverages at SupplySide West

New TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein Elevates Plant Protein Beverages with Superior Flavor and Product Consistency.

Today, DuPont Nutrition & Health announces an expansion of its plant-based protein product range with TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein from the DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients. It can be sampled in a unique beverage demo at SupplySide West in Las Vegas in November (Booth #4857).

Flavor and consistency are key features that differentiate TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein from other pea proteins in the market. Specifically designed for beverage applications, TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein allows manufacturers to deliver a high-quality and consistent consumer experience, while maximizing operation efficiencies. Pea protein, produced from yellow peas, is a popular choice today as it lies at the intersection of three major trends driving the food industry – strong consumer demand for protein, desire for plant-based alternatives and clean label.

TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein delivers superior flavor and mouthfeel performance in beverage powders compared to competitive pea protein options, as demonstrated in consumer sensory panels. Seventy-seven consumers evaluated two basic protein powders reconstituted in water and containing 20 grams of plant protein from pea. One was formulated with TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein and a similar beverage was formulated with a leading competitive pea protein. The results demonstrated that the sample containing TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein was significantly preferred in overall liking, as well as flavor, thickness, mouthfeel and aftertaste liking. “With TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein, the most dramatic improvements we’ve seen are in flavor and mouthfeel liking, with scores improving 45 percent and 57 percent respectively, compared to competitive offerings,” said Rosa Sanchez, Beverage Applications Lead, DuPont Nutrition & Health. 

Delivering exceptional product and performance consistency also has been a focus driving the development of TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein. “Lot-to-lot consistency is often a challenge when formulating with many of the more novel plant protein sources, including pea protein,” said Sanchez. “In applications like high-protein beverages, where inclusion levels of these materials are high, that can be a real issue in manufacturing and consumer experience.”

“From its inception, our goal with TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein was to raise the bar on flavor and product consistency,” said Dan Staerk, Protein R&D Lead. “We are very encouraged with the results we’ve gathered to-date, demonstrating that lot-to-lot, TRUPRO® 2000 is very consistent on important quality parameters such as suspension, color, solubility and dispersibility.”

A free-flowing powder, TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein is 83 percent protein (dry basis), light tan in color and derived from North American yellow peas. It has been specially designed for high-protein dry blended and ready-to-drink beverage formulations. DuPont Nutrition & Health previously introduced TRUPRO® 1614 Pea Protein Nuggets for snack and confection formats including nutrition bars (extruded, sheeted and baked), clustered cereals and toppings. TRUPRO® 1614 is an extruded crisp that is 55 percent protein (dry basis). 

“Growing awareness of the health and sustainability benefits of plant-based proteins is heavily influencing consumer food choices,” said Jean Heggie, strategic marketing lead, Protein Solutions Business Unit, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “Pea proteins are growing in popularity, in part because they are naturally non-GM and don’t have to be labeled as an allergen. With TRUPRO® 2000 and DuPont plant protein formulation expertise, beverage makers can create exceptional plant-based beverages with a true competitive advantage.”

“Our evolution into pea proteins is a natural fit for our business, which has historically centered on delivering the widest, most functional and versatile range of soy proteins in the market today,” added Heggie. “In the development of TRUPRO® pea protein, we’ve successfully applied what we know about optimizing functionality, quality and flavor of soy proteins to deliver a better pea protein solution to the marketplace. For brands seeking to capitalize on the popularity of plant protein, TRUPRO® pea protein products are a perfect solution.” 

DuPont Nutrition & Health brings decades of market leadership, capabilities and expertise to help food and beverage manufacturers navigate the plant-based protein landscape. Our global leadership in plant proteins, complementary ingredient portfolio and in-depth formulation, sensory, and nutrition expertise give us the unique tools and capability to help formulate better-tasting products.

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