DuPont Nutrition & Health and Happy Family Brands Partner on Pre/Postnatal Probiotic

HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife Pre/Postnatal Probiotic Supplement Earns Industry Recognition

DuPont Nutrition & Health and Happy Family Brands collaborated on the development of Happy Mama® Prenatal Probiotic Supplement, a groundbreaking product in the burgeoning category of infant nutritional supplements. The supplement is specifically formulated for expectant mothers and their infants with DuPont’s clinically tested probiotic, HOWARU®Protect EarlyLife premium ingredient range, which contains the probiotic strain L. rhamnosus HN001™. The supplement was the result of six years of clinical research and demonstrated significant reductions in cumulative prevalence of eczema and allergic sensitization.

“We are targeting our probiotics product line and innovation along the same lines as Happy Family with a customized approach,” explained Ole Danielsen, global marketing director, dietary supplements. “We understand people have varying nutritional needs at different stages of their life. Our probiotics have a clear individual benefit with scientific support for a specific target group. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.” With this same idea in mind, Happy Mama is the first probiotic product to address both the prenatal and postnatal needs of the mother and infant.

A long-term double blind randomized placebo controlled clinical study of the L. rhamnosus HN001™ strain supplemented women from 35 weeks gestation until six months after giving birth and infants from birth to two years of age. The study showed a 44 percent reduction in cumulative prevalence of eczema during the first six years of an infant’s life. The study also showed a significant reduction in cumulative prevalence of allergic sensitization.

Happy Family took a unique holistic approach with the Happy Mama product, recognizing a mother’s important role in the developing gut microbiota of the infant. Part of this was understanding the first 1,000 days are a vital window that lasts from pregnancy to age two. During this time, the food and nutrition consumed by both mom and baby will forever define baby's wellness blueprint.

“We're proud to partner with DuPont Nutrition & Health to achieve our goal of becoming the first organic baby food company to expand into the prenatal category and offer a probiotic specifically formulated to support moms-to-be and their growing babies,” said John Tansey, vice president of operations, Happy Family Brands. DuPont’s vast experience in the category and their long-term dedication to the importance of probiotics and gastrointestinal health made them the perfect fit for this launch.

Winning Combination

Industry recognition of this novel approach to targeted nutrition began as Happy Mama was being readied for market. DuPont’s HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife won the NutraIngredients Awards “2016 Finished Product of Year – Immunity” at Vitafoods 2016. Later in the year, at SupplySide West, Happy Mama won the Natural Products INSIDER’s 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards Supplement for Women’s Health.

High potency, stability and efficacy are a hallmark of DuPont probiotics. Quality is extremely important in probiotic production, and the DuPont reputation for manufacturing quality has always been a differentiator within their probiotics. A patented stabilization technology ensures our probiotics remain viable during shelf life.

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