Danisco Animal Nutrition Announces Name Change

LEIDEN, Netherlands — Jan. 21, 2022 — Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business unit of IFF's Health & Biosciences division, has today announced it is changing its name to Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, effective immediately. The move reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to expanding its portfolio of science-led animal health solutions across global markets.

“The name change will allow us to present the full scope of our capabilities. Crucially, it recognizes the fact that nutrition and health are inextricably linked when it comes to animal performance. This principle has long been a driving force within the business and continues to inform our strategic direction”, said Pauel Fokin, vice president, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health.

“We are delighted to now have a strong platform that clearly communicates these ambitions and positions us for future growth. It also comes at an exciting time in the development of our health portfolio, with several exciting new products scheduled for launch later this year,” he added.

The company has made significant investments in building its animal health portfolio for poultry, swine and ruminant markets. Its extensive R&D program is focused on providing evidence-based validation - through lab research, field trials and practice - to support the efficacy and value proposition of every product solution.


About Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health

Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, now part of IFF, is an industry leader in nutritional health solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics. Through the lens of nutribiosis, IFF invests in science and innovation to help producers improve performance, increase liveability and support welfare in the face of increasing pressure to reduce or remove antibiotics from production systems. Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health capabilities are underpinned by the quality and quantity of our trials, including over 80,000 guts sampled from over 500 farms, investments in omics technologies and microbiome research, and collaboration with leading commercial, governmental and academic partners. For more information, visit www.iff.com/portfolio/markets/animal-nutrition

About IFF’s Health & Biosciences division
Inspired by nature and distinguished by its world-class bioscience and microbiome capabilities, IFF’s Health & Biosciences division is a leading innovation partner for customers across a broad range of consumer product, industrial and agricultural sectors. IFF’s Health & Biosciences division works closely with our customers to enhance products – and their processes – to deliver safer, healthier and more sustainable solutions.

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