DuPont commits to Nutrition & Health advancement in Southeast Asia

1st Southeast Asia Public Nutrition Health Conference (SEA-PHN) to be held at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur from May 15 -17

DuPont continues to show their support to address the public health nutrition issues in Southeast Asia. Partnering in the 1st SEA-PHN conference as a main sponsor, DuPont Nutrition & Health aims to share and discuss innovation and local solutions to tackle these emerging issues.

Establish new collaboration and synergy

The 1st SEA-PHN aims to provide a platform for interaction and developing possible cross sector collaboration through strengthening of existing partnership in fighting nutrition issues. In this 3-day conference, regional industry leading professionals, researchers, and policymakers from government ministries and health agencies will gather to discuss topics on the double burden of malnutrition, diabetes and other non-communicable disease related to over-nutrition.

The conference is organized under the auspices of the SEA-PHN Network. “DuPont Nutrition & Health is a pioneer founding associate member of the SEA-PHN network in 2013. It is rewarding to see the network grow and on-going dialogues between the nutrition societies, government agencies and professionals in the food industry. Four years on, we are pleased to have contributed to the planning and will be participating in this inaugural conference.” says Cyndy Au, regulatory affairs director, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

Opportunity to connect, contribute and commit

“I am certainly grateful that DuPont Nutrition & Health believe in the cause of the SEA-PHN Network and has supported it since its formation 4 years ago. I am also pleased that they are collaborating with us in this first public health nutrition conference in a big way. It shows that the company has the regional population’s public health needs at heart. We hope that participants can share their perspectives and expertise in science, local presence, and experience and be able to continue contributing to the richness of these conversations after the conference.” explains Dr. Tee E Siong, founding chairman, SEA-PHN Network and Chairman of the 1st SEA-PHN Conference. Dr. Tee is also the president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia.

Through this conference, participants from the public and private sectors can

- connect to understand the diverse viewpoints toward public health nutrition issues in Southeast Asia, 

- contribute to the dialogues by reflecting on challenges objectively, 

- think of pragmatic solutions for the region with local specificities, and 

- commit collaboratively and advance public-private engagement in food and nutrition

Dr. Wang Hongwei, M.D., Ph.D, applied nutrition manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health, will be presenting “The impact of soy on gut microbiome and its benefits across the lifespan.” at the lunch symposia on 15 May, Monday from 1pm to 2pm in Ballroom Mahkota II. “It will be interesting to engage in the research and development works in Southeast Asia. Soy protein is an under-explored ingredient, and I believe it has huge potential, especially with promising studies on its benefits and impact and on the gut microbiome.” he comments.

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