Cooling Water

Protect cooling water from damaging micro-organisms

Cooling Water Treatment

Water recirculating in cooling systems can become contaminated with bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa that lead to the formation of biofilms – often referred to as slime. If untreated, slime may lead to operational inefficiencies, microbial induced corrosion (MIC) and can potentially host harmful micro-organisms. Our leading cooling water treatment technologies control fouling and maintain system integrity.

Our cooling water treatment technologies inhibit microbial growth under a wide range of operating conditions found in typical systems, such as temperature, pH, sunlight, aeration and nutrient level in makeup water.


Product Name

Active Ingredient

Features & Benefits

Active: chloromethyliosothizolone/methylisothiazolone (CMIT/MIT) + Bronopol

  • Broad-spectrum activity
  • Liquid formulation
  • Offers two different modes of biocidal activity
  • Enhanced stabilization of CMIT component

Active: 4,5-Dichloro-2-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (DCOIT)

  • Exceptional algicidal activity can reduce dosing frequency
  • Supplied as a 4.25 % formulation
  • Rapid loss of “green” color in obviously fouled towers
  • No bioaccumulation in the environment
  • OECD 301B inherently biodegradable

AQUCAR™ GA Family of Products

Active Ingredient: Glutaraldehyde

  • Effective in controlling slime-forming bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria , spore-forming bacteria, fungi and algae
  • Readily biodegradable – passes OECD 301A test

  • Free-flowing, white crystalline solid active

  • Aqueous solution containing 50% active ingredient

KATHON™ Family of Products

Active Ingredient: chloromethyliosothizolone/ methylisothiazolone (CMIT/MIT)

  • Broad-spectrum biocide effective against biofilm
  • Rapid inhibition of microbial growth and enzyme synthesis
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • OECD 301B inherently biodegradable

  • Supplied as a 14% liquid formulation

  • Supplied as a 1.5% liquid formulation

KATHON™ CF 150 Biocide

  • Supplied as a 1.5% liquid formulation
  • No copper salts required for stabilization

  • Supplied as a 14% active ingredient formulation
  • No copper salts stabilizer required for 1-3% formulations based on this product

KATHON™ 725 BF Antimicrobial

  • Combines the exceptional efficacy of KATHON™ with a sustainable and low foaming surfactant in one drum
  • No copper salts as stabilizers


  • Used to test for amount of active ingredient in water sample
  • Tests can be performed in the field or in the lab
  • KATHON™ concentrations can be determined via visual colorimetric methods or with a colorimeter
  • No interference from cooling water additives

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