Microbial Control’s New BIOBAN™ BTCM Antimicrobial in-can preservative for paints and building material products provides robust efficacy and formulation flexibility to comply with globally-accepted active ingredient levels by combining BIT and CMIT/MIT actives. The one-drum formulation boosts efficiency by eliminating the need to mix actives from separate drums, simplifying logistics and ease of use. With a powerful combination of short and long-term preservatives, BIOBAN™ BTCM offers improved fungal protection over BIT alone, while still being flexible to meet all CMIT/MIT requirements in Europe for finished products. This stable formulation is designed to withstand required shelf life while streamlining your manufacturing operations.

See the BIOBAN BTCM EPA label for more information.


Robust Efficacy

  • Combination of two powerful, proven actives into one formula
  • BIT offers long term preservation with stability across broad pH and temperature ranges
  • CMIT/MIT improves speed of kill and is effective against both fungi and bacteria

Formulation Flexibility

  • Dosage of active ingredients can be modified to adapt to globally-accepted levels
  • Enhanced with the addition of CMIT/MIT to allow for lower BIT levels than typical single active BIT products
  • Flexibility to meet H317 requirements in Europe (<15 ppm CMIT/MIT A.I.)

Preservative Stability

  • Specifically designed to withstand required shelf-life throughout the supply chain
  • Proven stability after accelerating aging for 12 weeks at 40° and ambient temperature for 12 months
  • Two years stability in progress

Better Logistics, Ease of Use

  • Two key active ingredients delivered in one container for optimization of transportation, storage and dosage
  • Both actives contained in easy to handle drums and totes

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