Architectural In-Can

Protect against bacteria and fungi and increase the useful life of your product

Architectural Coatings In-Can Preservation

Aqueous paint formulations require in-can preservation technologies to control contamination and increase shelf life. Our paint preservation technologies help fight against a wide spectrum of microbes, including bacteria and fungi (including both yeast and mold), to help prevent in-can contamination to deliver an excellent finished product that’s designed to last.

Our wide array of in-can preservatives offer cost-effective, long-term protection for a full range of architectural paint and coatings formulations.


Product Name

Active Ingredient

Features & Benefits


  • Quick kill biocide for rapid decontamination
  • Short-term preservative that can be used in combination with other long-term preservatives for robust protection


  • Outstanding broad spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi
  • Fast acting, long-term preservative
  • Does not contribute to VOC (ASTM D-6886)
  • Not a formaldehyde donor
  • Very low use rate




  • Protection against bacteria
  • Good heat and pH stability
  • Not a formaldehyde donor (no added formaldehyde, or formaldehyde generators)
  • Works well with other biocide chemistries


  • Excellent protection against bacteria
  • Particularly effective against Pseudomonas species
  • Works well in combination with other biocide chemistries like BIT or CMIT/MIT

Bronopol + CMIT/MIT

  • Blend designed for excellent broad spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi, including Pseudomonas species

Bronopol + BIT

  • Blend designed for excellent broad spectrum protection against bacteria, including Pseudomonas species

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