Medical Devices and Instruments

Protect your medical equipment and your patients

Cleaning Medical Devices and Instruments

Reusable medical devices or patient-care equipment must be sterilized before each use to destroy all microbes, including highly resistant endospores, to prevent patient infection caused by contamination.

Our glutaraldehyde is used to formulate high level disinfectants that eradicate disease-causing micro-organisms on medical devices to prevent exposure to bio-hazardous material.

Our high quality glutaraldehyde ensures your high-level disinfection products are effective for medical and dental devices like surgical instruments, endoscopes, graspers and scissors and laparoscopic surgery accessories.


Product Name

Active Ingredient

Features & Benefits

Glutaraldehyde 50% USP


  • Fast acting, effective disinfectant
  • US Pharmacopeia certified
  • Used for disinfecting equipment that cannot be heat sterilized
  • Used to treat semi-critical medical devices ( endoscopes, dental equipment, flexible (Tygon type) tubing, breathing bags)
  • Excellent efficacy, slow sporicidal, and stable

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