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Proven Performance for More Than 60 Years

Glutaraldehyde offers outstanding performance and versatility that have been confirmed over more than 60 years of usage in a wide range of applications. The chemical provides broad efficacy, is biodegradable and formaldehyde free*, and is also non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bio-accumulative.

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The topic of non-genuine glutaraldehyde has been covered by the media in the past. Here are some links to recent articles:

*Due to different regulatory requirements, specific claims may vary by geographic region. Consult with your local Nutrition & Biosciences representative for specific claims being made in your region of interest.

New Safe Use and Handling Guides

Know how to safely use, handle, store, contain and dispose glutaraldehyde?

Click here to download your Safe Use and Handling Guides for glutaraldehyde

Not sure if you've been supplied genuine glutaraldehyde?

Now you can find out with the GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE test kit!

The test will let you know if your glutaraldehyde is genuine by evaluating for common adulterants.

To get the test, contact your Nutrition & Biosciences Representative.

Introducing a Genuine Glutaraldhyde expert

Have a question about the difference between non-genuine and GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE?

Meet the expert and contact us.

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