High performance mold and mildew resistance


In high moisture environments such as basements, bathrooms and kitchens, your walls need protection against mold and mildew. Choosing mildew resistant (MMR) and mold resistant drywall (wallboard or gypsum) helps prevent unsightly and potentially hazardous growth.

Nutrition & Biosciences is partnering with Aquaserv in North America to deliver the best combination of technology and service to mold-resistant paper manufacturers. For product inquiries, please visit their website or contact them.

In partnership with Aquaserv, we offer solutions to protect wallboard paper and treat the gypsum core. Let us help you find the right protection for your wallboard and paper.


Product Name

Active Ingredient

Features & Benefits


  • Wallboard paper preservation
  • Highly effective fungicide
  • Low leaching


  • Wallboard paper preservation
  • Broad-spectrum protection
  • Low leaching


  • Wallboard core preservation
  • Broad spectrum protection
  • Stable over a wide pH and temperature range

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