Bio-Pruf™'s logo


Our Brand Symbolizes Expertise and Protection

The Bio-Pruf™ brand identifies Nutrition & Biosciences' antimicrobial technology that protects plastics products and building & construction materials from fungi, alga and bacteria contamination. To do so, the brand has black color expressing stability, power of threatening and sense of potential.  The same way, the brand’s blue color purpurts conservation, protection, strengh and confidence. Attributes Bio-Pruf™ technology brings to products and consequently to end-consumers.

The Bio-Pruf™ brand also carries a Petri plate drawn as an icon. Petri plate is a shallow glass or plastic cylindrical lidded dish that microbiologists use to culture cells and microorganisms. Bio-Pruf™'s logo icon symbolizes the microbiological studies done in Nutrition & Biosciences that guarantee the efficacy of Bio-Pruf™ technology to combat bacteria, algae and fungi inside products and on surfaces where it is applied.

The slogan “Your protection against mold, bacteria and algae” straightly explain all the complexity behind Bio-Pruf™ technology that preserves products and combats microorganism’s contamination.

Bio-Pruf™ brand is a trademark of Nutrition & Biosciences and it was recreated in 2011.

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