Behind Bio-Pruf™


Behind Bio-Pruf™ there is an experienced technical team constantly seeking new applications and developing new technologies. Microbial Control laboratories have the most advanced equipment in order to make Bio-Pruf™ a state-of-the-art protection for you and your family.

Microbial Control innovates using science and technology to provide viable and sustainable microbial control in the long term. Our comprehensive global offering provides customers with solutions for optimizing formulations, including the high performing and technically supported selection of registered actives and products. With its broad portfolio of microbial control technologies, the leading experts working at Microbial Control across the globe can help solve most microbial control issues. Equipped with market-leading resources, Microbial Control has a comprehensive offering available to help customers, including:

  • Innovative technologies and delivery methods with the high-performing, sustainable and technically supported portfolio of microbial control products to help customers optimize their formulations
  • World-leading team of experts in microbial control technologies
  • Expertise and understanding of market-specific needs to provide answers to questions and problems
  • Environmentally preferred products designed to meet the evolving regulatory needs of our customers
  • Comprehensive resources available on a local level through regional customer application centers around the globe to ensure personalized support wherever you are.
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