Microbial Control

Innovating the Future. Microbial Control Solutions for a Better Tomorrow


Preserve, Protect and Control


We help you control growth of harmful micro-organisms and nuisance pests through innovative product technologies and collaborative service

Hero Image Marine Antifouling.png

  • Protect your ships and the environment

How to protect your fleet without harming the marine environment.
Personal Care Hero Image.png

  • Preserving your reputation, beautifully

Sustainable alternative for personal care preservatives.
Animal Biosecurity Hero Image.png

  • Keep your farm and business healthy

Defend your animal from deadly bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Our Markets


We provide markets around the world with safe, innovative and sustainable solutions for controlling the growth of harmful micro-organisms and nuisance pests.

Oil and Gas Hero Image.png

  • Oil & Gas

Developing the best microbial control solutions in the burgeoning energy market
Water Hero Image.png

  • Water

Offering the tools and expertise for safe, effective water treatment.
Personal Care Hero Image.png

  • Personal Care

Earning consumer trust through safe, effective and sustainable preservative solutions
Paints and Coatings Hero Image.png

  • Paints and Coatings

Preventing mold and microbial growth in paint and coatings formulations.
Hygiene Hero Image.png

  • Hygiene

Protecting the health and well-being of people and animals around the world.
Household and Commercial Cleaning Hero Image.png

  • Household and Commercial Cleaning

Preventing contamination of household and industrial cleaners.
Construction Hero Image.png

  • Construction

Defending building materials against contamination and nuisance pests.
Industrial Preservation Hero Image.png

  • Industrial Preservation

Maintaining the integrity of industrial and product materials.
Crop Defense Hero Image.png

  • Crop Protection

Approved by EPA and US FDA, our preservatives are compatible with most agricultural pesticides formulations.

Our Products

bio-pruf hero image.png

  • Bio-Pruf™

glutaraldehyde hero image final.png

  • Glutaraldehyde

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