Food & Health Trends

There is no shortage of trends in the Food & Health industries. Consumer tastes and preferences change often in a quest to improve nutrition and maintain healthy lifestyles. And while these trends vary country by country and depending on a certain demographic, there are also many global trends that influence consumer demand.

Influencing our markets are a variety of megatrends

Growing and Ageing Population

We expect a global population of 10 billion people by 2050, with 79 percent in Asia and Africa. More than 20 percent of the world population will be aged 60 and over by 2050. This growth will create a need for more preventative health food, dietary supplements and medications to enable healthy lifestyles. Further, the nutrition and wellness products need to be practical for older populations to consume.

Preventative Health Management

More and more consumers are taking ownership of their own health and recognizing the role that nutrition plays in healthy lifestyles. Dietary supplements are growing as a key tool in good lifestyle choices and preventative treatment.

Next Generation Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Globally, there is a significant increase in chronic diseases requiring therapeutics. With complex medications dominating the API pipeline comes with a need for innovative excipients that retain their focus on quality, consistency and reliability.

Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Living

Consumers are increasingly selecting food based on their individual definitions of ‘healthy’. Though the exact definition often varies, there’s an ever-increasing trend toward healthier foods, made from ingredients found in nature that protect the planet and the people who make them.       

Health Solutions Access & Affordability

As industrialization of food in emerging markets continues, there’s an ever-increasing need to deliver more affordable nutrition that stays fresh and safe in transit and throughout its shelf life.

We’ve been a market leader in this industry for many decades and can help you stay ahead of these trends and crucial challenges on a local and global level. We provide health, wellness and nutrition solutions for all stages of life. From breakthrough technologies in infant nutrition that help mimic mothers’ milk to supporting aging populations with enriched foods, probiotics and novel excipients to solutions for all ages for healthier and more sustainable offerings, we partner with customers to deliver the essential innovation to thrive. 

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