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DuPont’s Perspective on Addressing Clean Label Challenges

As consumers continue to look for healthier foods, they pay close attention to everything they put in their bodies, relying on food packaging and labels to aid their purchasing decisions. In the quest to better understand what’s in their foods, more and more are gravitating toward a clean label. But the characteristics of a ‘clean label’, and how to offer one, are often difficult to define.

How Do You Define Clean Label?

Shorter ingredient lists?  Sustainably sourced? Creating foods from things in your grandmother’s kitchen?  No matter how you talk about it, consumers also aren’t willing to settle for a clean food that doesn’t taste good. For a concept that represents simplicity, clean label is complex.

And we know that not all clean label needs are the same. We work with closely with our customers to individually to design the best strategy and the right solutions.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences can help you choose the right clean label ingredients when formulating to meet your taste and texture goals. From consumer insights to proprietary tools for clean label strategies to our deep knowledge to enhance the texture and taste of foods, we can support you from product development through commercialization.

With one of the broadest portfolios and our passion for problem-solving, we’re the right partner to help achieve your clean label goals—however you define them. 

How Can DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Help You Address Clean Label?




✓ To Understand Your Consumer’s Needs and What Motivates Them
✓ To Provide a Broad Range of Clean Label Ingredients that Fit Your Strategy
✓ To Determine the Optimal Clean Label Ingredients to Meet Your Taste and Texture Goals



✓ With Strong Formulation Expertise
✓ With Deep Understanding of the Trade-offs when Removing an Ingredient
✓ Using Sophisticated Pilot Plants that Mimic Real-World Food Applications



✓ We can expand your R&D Bandwidth with a Global Team
✓ Providing Hands-On Plant Trial Support at your Facilitie
✓ And Full Product Optimization and Agile Troubleshooting


What is the consumer perspective on clean label? Download our white paper by clicking on 'Get Started' for insights on clean label and its effect on your bottom line.


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