Trends in Food & Health


There is no shortage of trends in the Food & Health industries. Consumer tastes and preferences change often in a quest to improve nutrition and maintain healthy lifestyles. And while these trends vary country by country and depending on a certain demographic, there are also many global trends that influence consumer demand.

Industry Trends


  • Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry

There’s no shortage of emerging trends in the food and beverage industries. Get all the big topics, from plant-based to labelling, in one place.

  • Sustainability

Find out how Nutrition & Biosciences is rising to the challenge of sustainability.

  • Your Clean-Label Journey Starts Here

Consumers around the world have spoken. They’re passionate about their health, and the foods they feed to their families.

  • Digestive Health

Consumers are looking to their daily diet to improve their digestive health. Learn how probiotics and bio-based dairy alternatives are playing a role.

  • Better Nutrition

Today’s consumers want to expand their healthy living years, stay active and lead healthier life styles. As concerns in areas such as digestive health…

  • Plant-Based Health

Plant-based products are entering the mainstream. Dive into the drivers motivating this trend in the plant-based market.
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