The Role of Plant-Based in Sustainable Food Systems

All around the world, there’s a call for a new sustainable food system. A system that is capable of feeding the expanding global population while using less energy, less land, less water.

The gauntlet has been thrown down at the feet of the food industry, and it’s a vast undertaking. But for the companies that respond quickly, it’s a chance to establish brand loyalty like no other.

And plant-based has a unique part to play in the story of answering this call.

Feeding a Growing Population

Not only is the global population as a whole growing, the expansion of the middle class is continuing apace. Over half the world’s population is middle class, and the numbers continue to increase.

This means the number of consumers of varied and nutritious food is increasing and the food industry needs to find a way of feeding more people with the same resources.

Rebalancing protein intake by shifting some eating occasions from animal protein to plant protein could provide a solution.

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The Carbon Footprint of Plant-Based

Another major factor for sustainability is the carbon footprint of the protein used. Without even factoring the food needs of the growing middle class, the food industry has a carbon footprint issue right now.

Consumers are calling for the industry to reduce the carbon footprint of the food and drinks they consume. Here again, plant-based sustainability could provide a solution.

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With Danisco PlanitTM , we can help you win in this segment

To answer to the strong trend and demand for plant-based food, we have created Danisco PlanitTM, our integrated offering of ingredients and services for the plant-based food and beverage segment, providing you with innovative and sustainable plant-based solutions that keep you ahead of consumer demand.

We use consumer insights, nutritional science and agriculture knowledge to develop the best possible ingredients. Our sustainability team can advise you on the ingredients and production methods to use for a truly sustainable end product.

And because we know food waste is a key challenge for building a sustainable food system we’re going even further. We’re specifically designing solutions like food-protection ingredients or ultures to maintain quality along shelf life and decrease food waste.

We’re committed to providing the best expertise in ingredients, formulation and supply security. So that you can innovate sustainably, and formulate the exceptional products of today and tomorrow.


Danisco PlanitTM supports UN sustainability goals:

Predict how much consumers will love your new plant-based beverage:
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