Introducing Danisco PlanitTM

Your recipe for success in plant-based

The plant-based era has begun.

It’s the dawn of a new food industry with plants at its core.

Where innovation happens not just in the food, but in the planning.

Where products are good for customers and good for the planet.

And where leaders of the plant-based era win big, fast.

Plant-based represents the biggest opportunity that the food industry has had since...well for a very long time. But we have to address some critical issues:


That’s why we are launching Danisco PlanitTM .


One true partner to help you win the race in the Plant-Based Market

With deep consumer insight, a broad ingredient portfolio, and a long-recognized application and sensory know-how, we can be the one trusted partner you need to achieve a great tasting, healthy, sustainable and on-trend product.

This, coupled with our supply reliability, regulatory support and ability to improve sustainability markers, we can help you ease complexity from sourcing to commercialization and win the race to the plant-based market.

This is Danisco PlanitTM, innovative solutions and services for plant-based that keep you ahead of consumer demand – your recipe for success in plant-based!


Danisco PlanitTM supports UN sustainability goals:


Learn more about our Danisco PlanitTM ingredient solutions for plant-based food and beverages here.

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