Laundry Solutions


Innovation for Cleaner Living

Our range of leading enzymes effectively break down stains and deliver garment care benefits. Designed to provide cost-effective and sustainable performance, they’re able to deliver next generation cleaning for fast-changing lifestyles around the world.


Industry-Leading Solutions


  • Managing Stability

Detergent manufacturers face a challenge maintaining stability in their products due to changing conditions from the factory to use in the home. Our range of innovative enzymes are optimized for liquid laundry detergent formulations to offer increased thermal and detergent stability. 


  • Delivering Performance

Our range of high-quality detergent ingredients deliver the next level performance demanded by the next generation of convenience-driven purchasers. Our innovations redefine ‘clean’ in the home.


  • Greener Cleaning

We have designed our biodegradable enzymes to be gentle on the planet but tough on stains. They are both efficient and effective, excelling in short cycle, low temperature washes to ensure detergents deliver sustainable cleaning with no compromises.


Solutions for Consumer Problems


  • Protein Stains

Our range of performance proteases hydrolyzes insoluble proteins into soluble peptides and amino acids, effectively removing challenging stains like blood, grass, and milk.


  • Starch Stains

Excelling in low temperature conditions, our powerful amylases break starchy stains into oligosacharrides that can be washed away leaving clothes fresh and clean.


  • Gum Stains

Our superior mannanases cleave the β-1,4 linkages between mannose units through hydrolysis, eliminating gum-based stains from foods like ice-cream, chilled desserts and dairy products.


  • Oily Stains

Performing under stressed conditions, the Nutrition & Biosciences Lipase degrades lipids so that greasy foods like mayonnaise, cooking oil, and beef lard are more easily removed from garments during the wash process.


  • Fruit Stains

Our stain-busting Pectate Lyase works hard on nature’s toughest challenges and shifts high-pectin stains like fruit and baby-food.


  • Fabric Care

Our cellulases enhance colors and brighten whites by removing broken fibres known as cotton pills during the wash process. Even in protease containing formulations, our cellulases leave cottons looking smooth and new.


Multi-Benefit Solutions

Our powerful portfolio of detergent enzymes allows our biotechnology experts to design multi-enzyme solutions that unlock a new level of broad-spectrum cleaning.

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