Keeping Pace with Regulatory Change


Coping with Evolving Regulatory Pressures
and Growing Consumer Expectations

A strong regulatory focus and understanding of consumer trends is the key to establishing a competitive advantage in the commercialization of new products, says Beth Concoby, Nutrition & Biosciences’s Director of Product Stewardship and Sustainability.


The Art of the Front Runner

Nutrition & Biosciences is being challenged to accelerate the development of new, sustainable enzymes that meet global challenges in the laundry industry and regulatory requirements.

“Regulations should support and enable sustainable innovation.”

Beth Concoby
Director of Product Stewardship and Sustainability, Nutrition & Biosciences

“It’s our job to stay on top of regulations and shifting market expectations,” says Beth Concoby, Nutrition & Biosciences’s Director of Product Stewardship and Sustainability. “We need to bring compliant products to market that are safe for the intended use and meet customer requirements.

“To achieve this goal, we integrate product stewardship and regulatory concerns into our process of commercialization, starting with early engagement during the R&D phase.”

The Power of Collaboration

Positive relationships help to give Nutrition & Biosciences powerful insights by “gaining a better understanding of the regulators’ view,” Concoby says. It’s information that can be used to develop new products that are tailored to the market and regulation-ready.

The Road to Sustainability

Regulatory pressures and an increasing stakeholder focus on sustainability have helped to drive the demand for environmentally sustainable products.

“Regulations should support and enable sustainable innovation,” Concoby believes.

Benefits for All

Nutrition & Biosciences’s core values are environmental stewardship, the highest ethical behavior, and respect for its people. These core values are reflected in the products that it brings to the market.

“We want to bring what’s best for the consumer, the workers and the planet,” Concoby says. 


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