Dishwashing Solutions


Pioneering Deep-Cleaning Performance

As the market leader in dishwashing enzymes, we’re innovating today for the consumers of tomorrow.
Our range of enzymatic solutions are designed to deliver effective, sustainable dishwashing performance for a naturally cleaner world.


Solutions by Need


  • Choice and Convenience

Gel dishwashing detergents are designed for consumers searching for greater convenience and improved performance. Our stable enzymes are designed to deliver concentrated cleaning in active solutions.


  • Against the Clock

Convenience-driven consumers are setting shorter wash cycles. With less cleaning time, our enzyme technologies are enabling detergents to work harder than ever before – without compromising on cleaning or sustainability.


  • Hand Wash Revolution

High performance enzymatic hand wash detergents are transforming consumer expectations around cleaning potential and industry innovation in this growth segment. Our advances in enzyme technology are redefining what is possible in manual dishwashing.


Solutions for Consumer Problems


  • Protein Stains

Our range of performance proteases hydrolyzes insoluble proteins into soluble peptides and amino acids, effectively removing challenging stains like egg and meat residues.


  • Starch Stains

Our powerful amylases break starchy stains like mixes of rice, corn and potatoes into oligosacharrides that can be washed away leaving dishes clean and ready for another use.


  • Multi-Benefit Solutions

Our powerful portfolio of detergent enzymes allows our biotechnology experts to design multi-enzyme solutions that unlock a new level of broad-spectrum cleaning.

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