Fabric & Homecare

Next Generation Cleaning for Next Generation Living


Redefining Clean

From the lab to the home, Nutrition & Biosciences’s cleaning solutions deliver the
sustainable performance customers are demanding.
Our experts have developed a range of market-leading biological catalysts
engineered to help you meet the consumer, environmental and regulatory challenges you face today, and tomorrow.


How We Can Help

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  • Laundry Solutions

Our range of cutting-edge enzymes are developed to effectively break down stains and provide garment care. They deliver industry-leading cleaning performance and cost-effective sustainability benefits to ensure your brand meets rapidly changing consumer needs.

Dishwashing Hero Image.png

  • Dishwashing Solutions

Nutrition & Biosciences is the world leader in engineering cleaner, greener and better dishwashing enzymes that deliver performance without compromise. We’re helping global brands reinvent cleaning for modern living.

Household and Commercial Cleaning Hero Image.png

  • Preservatives

Our broad range of preservatives helps to protect household products from bacteria, yeast and mold, to keep them performing. We also offer technologies to protect industrial and institutional cleaners against contamination.


Changing Consumer Needs

Generation Convenience Hero Image.png

  • Generation Convenience

Time-poor mobile-first consumers with deep pockets and short attention spans are demanding more for less – and they want it bespoke to their needs and values anywhere in the world.
Mindful Consumption Hero Image.png

  • Mindful Consumption

Consumers are demanding sustainable cleaning solutions that deliver the same performance benefits without creating a negative impact on the environment.
Liquid Demography Hero Image.png

  • Liquid Demography

Amid shifting sands of global economies, demographics and societal structures, detergent companies must serve up solutions that meet rapidly changing cleaning needs.

Industry-Wide Challenges


  • Rapid Regulatory Change

Keeping pace with evolving regulatory pressures and growing consumer expectations

  • Sustainable Innovation

Science and collaboration are driving innovations in cleaning solutions
Reimagining Clean Hero.png

  • Reimagining Clean

Clean you can touch, smell and see

  • Compact Performance

Smaller is better for convenience-led consumers
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