Date: February 17th, 11am-6pm EDT, 2021
Location: Virtual
Link: https://www.eeventstream.com/emerge2021/ 

HOWARU® Probiotics will host a highly immersive virtual summit: EMERGE (Feb. 17), to help emerging direct to consumer companies unlock the power of the microbiome wellness industry.

At EMERGE, attendees will gain key strategies for developing and sustaining a successful business in the microbiome wellness industry, including:

  • How to overcome manufacturing and regulatory challenges for optimal performance and quality;
  • The next-generation strains, formulations and formats to inform future R&D and product development decisions;
  • How to elevate their brand positioning and go-to-market playbook;
  • Cutting-edge market intelligence to drive development of the right product, in the right category, for the ideal consumer.

For more information and to register for EMERGE visit: https://www.eeventstream.com/emerge2021/

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