VitaFoods Virtual Expo

Date: September 7-11, 2020
Location: Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland

The future of probiotics is bright. Increased coverage around the power of the microbiome, discussion of the critical connection between gut health and immune function, and interest in new natural solutions to whole body wellness, open ample opportunities for this health category. It is critical to find strains of bacteria that have research support. Strong science is being published supporting the potential benefits of specific probiotics on targeted populations for certain health needs, such as immune health.

This year, join us online at The Vitafoods Virtual Expo Probiotics community where you can connect, inspire, and inform experts on the latest innovation within the category.

DuPont speaker, Alvin Ibarra, Clinical Trials Director,will present on the challenges in designing gold standard clinical trials with probiotics in Europe.

You can learn about
- How clinical trials with probiotics follow EU regulations and international ICH/GCP standards.
- Why probiotics require characterization and stability control.
- The reasons probiotics may set special challenges in study design.
- Specific methods to assess probiotics bioavailability and colonization.

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