Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives

Date: June 9-11, 2020
Location: Turku, Finland

This is a three day international, interdisciplinary conference organized by the Health in Early Life and Parenthood research group and the Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku, Finland. The conference aims to:

- Focus on key initiatives that may impact upon practices related to nurturing the preterm infant and the family
- Explore the nature of relationships within families in connection with various types of nutritive and nurturing behavior in infancy and childhood.
- Enhance understanding of the complex interactions between socio-cultural, psychological and biological factors in the nurture of infant and child.
- Illuminate socio-cultural, political and economic influences upon infant and child feeding practices.
- Increase understandings of breastfeeding as a bio-psychosocial activity

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