Ice Cream Technology Refresher Session, 2020

Date: April 29-30, 2020
Location: Online Training

India has a dynamic ice cream industry and also one of the fastest growing owing to people’s changing lifestyles and increasing disposable incomes. DuPont understands that the industry is undergoing unprecedented times this 2020 summer and is on a look-out for creative solutions to be future ready.

Therefore, DuPont is organizing Ice Cream Technology Refresher Session, and invites all its partners from Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association to come explore the market-ready solutions and explore ways to mitigate the challenges.

In this two- days session, we will share:

  • Ice Cream Processing: Recipe Design
  • Challenges in ice cream processing
  • Recent Developments in Ice Cream Systems

Event Registration Link:

Registration starts 27th April 2020 

Presentation/Speaker Info (date, time, topic, who):
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