Microbiome Invest 2019

Date: 23 May, 2019. 
Location: London, United Kingdom

DuPont Nutrition & Health are proud to again be associated with Microbiome Invest to be held in London.  

The event promotes partnerships and showcases the latest innovation in the microbiome field.  With a flurry of VCs, strategic investors and industry executives eager to connect with promising innovators in the microbiome field, this is the meeting to attend to showcase work, secure a business partnership, and launch a commercially-viable microbiome-based product into market.

As a member of the Speaker and Selection Committee, Andrew Morgan, DPhil, DuPont Fellow & Chief Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health, will also contribute to the event by participating in a panel discussion entitled ‘Microbiome Solutions for Food & Nutrition’ at 14.25 – 14.55. Although the first wave of microbiome solutions are derived from food and nutritional health, today the majority of microbiome companies are racing to get the first FDA-approved therapeutic product into market. In this session, the leading consumer health companies will highlight the benefits of going down an alternate route helping biotechs to understand how they can use food and nutritional preventatives as a strategy to get a commercially-viable microbiome based solution into market more swiftly.

Find out more about the event here and we look forward to meeting you at the there.

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