Healthy Ageing APAC Summit

Date: July 9–11, 2019
Location: Hilton Singapore, Singapore

DuPont is proud to return as a Diamond sponsor for Healthy Ageing APAC Summit 2019.

Asia Pacific is a fast ageing region, projected to reach 1.3 billion population by 2050. Under such unprecedented pace, innovation for nutritious and senior-friendly food is paramount to cater to the underserved seniors in encouraging smart and healthy ageing.

At the summit, DuPont will be presenting on its latest insights and host an interactive roundtable discussion to discuss on gaps and ways we can innovate to improve health of seniors through better nutrition. The Healthy Ageing Summit 2019 will look at how the nutrition and food industry can meet the needs of the rapidly ageing populations of today, and more crucially, tomorrow.

Roundtable lunch

July 10, 1pm
Hosts: Dr. Anders Henriksson, Principal Application Specialist and Dr. Wang Hongwei, Applied Nutrition Manager.

Join our hosts from DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences at the roundtable to discuss the golden opportunities that comes along with this unprecedented demographic shift.

Asia’s ageing population. What are the opportunities?

With an aging population emerging in Asia, the food industry is facing challenges understanding how to adapt food formulations to meet the needs of this group of consumers.

An aging population also means opportunities to innovate and create new food formats, to deliver unique and food formats that deliver required levels of desirable food ingredients.

At this table we will discuss challenges and opportunities that an aging population brings to the food industry, and how to support the development of healthy and affordable foods for this aging population.

A presentation with bite. Improving oral health in an ageing population

July 10, 2pm
Deteriorating oral health and an increased prevalence of periodontitis is a common feature of ageing, resulting in tooth loss and eating difficulties, and seriously impacting quality of life.  Anders examines the links between poor oral health and increased pathogen populations, and evaluates new opportunities to address oral health through probiotics.

  • Research reveals a growing problem - why people approaching 80 are almost three times more likely to suffer from periodontitis than people in their thirties
  • The pathogenic link – how increases in porphyromonas gingivalis and treponema denticola populations affect oral health
  • What we know now – results of several studies reveal a role for probiotics in reducing the severity of periodontitis
  • Acting on the evidence – the future commercialisation of probiotic treatments

DuPont Breakfast Briefing

July 11, 7:45am – 8:45am
Hosts: Qiao Quansheng, Global Innovation Leader, Food & Beverage and Loh Wie Nie, Senior Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic

Healthy Ageing, Happy Ageing

By 2027, there will be over 520 million people in Asia aged over 65. While these numbers are game-changing, ageing demographics do not need to be destiny. As life expectancies rise, so are expectations for healthy ageing. Join our experts over breakfast and find out what can perennials do to stay happy and healthy.

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