Fi Europe 2019

Date: December 3-5, 2019
Location: Paris, France 

Meet DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences at Fi Europe 2019. Our experts will showcase newest ingredient solutions driven by key market needs and latest consumer trends - plant-based health, digestive health, better nutrition, clean label and sustainability.

At DuPont stand you will be inspired by a range of tasty plant-based samples developed by a chef.

Tasting session, every day, at 11:30am and 2:00pm at Stand 6C90.

Mushroom landscape
SUPRO® MAX 5015 Structured Vegetable Protein and Shitake mushrooms marinated in a miso, mushroom and METHOCEL™ dashi (Japanese Konbu soup stock).

Fried oyster mushrooms and caramelized apple
Eggplant slice grilled with a bit of cocoa and olive oil, resting on a dot of tahina. Mushroom pickled in vinegar and particles of roasted walnuts.

Favourite fish soup
Creamy coconut “sea” soup based on vegan dashi, baked celery and nori flakes (Japanese edible seaweed), with a citrus lime aroma.
Served with pea based balls (TRUPRO® TEX 4000 and GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX 1201) and wakame algae. Garnished with fresh coriander and a drop of vegan mayonnaise.

Flammable Tacos
SUPRO® MAX 5013 Structured Vegetable Protein marinated in a Korean gochujang hot pepper paste, gochugaru hot pepper flakes, smoked paprika and shichimi tagarashi (Japanese seven spice blend) and METHOCEL™.
Teaspoon of vegan mayonnaise with sriracha sauce (Thai hot sauce).
Classic vegan kimchi (fermented vegetables) and radish marinated in fresh orange juice and vinegar with pepper habanero.
Composition served on a tortilla spread with cream cheese alternative based on TRUPRO® 2000 pea protein, GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX CH 1001 stabilizer system (with Danisco® VEGE 053 LYO and HOLDBAC® LC LYO).

Croque mon père
Pea based kofta (TRUPRO® TEX 4000 and GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX MA 1201) dipped in lemon vegan bechamel sauce with a characteristic hint of black garlic.
Browned crispy brussels sprouts.
Red onion pickled in red wine vinegar and hibiscus.
Apple chutney with chipotle peppers.
The delicacies rest on toasted slices of bread.

Pure Plant dessert
Protein enriched fermented oat snack with Danisco® VEGE 047 LYO , FoodPro® ALT, FoodPro® CGL, SUPRO® XT 219 D Soy Protein Isolate, TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein Isolate, GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX YO 1000 Stabiliser System, GRINDSTED® Pectin AMD 922 served with sweet, salty, sour TRUPRO® 1673 Pea Protein Nuggets with raspberry, almonds, hazelnuts and a hint of Mexican tajin clasico spice.

Caffe Latte
Cocktail of coffee, protein SUPRO® XT 55 IP, prebiotic Litesse® Two Polydextrose, fructose Fructofin® C and stabilized with Avicel-plus® BV 1822. Served chilled.

Plant based food

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