TecnoLácteos Colombia

Date: April 16 – 17 Location: Bogotá, Colombia

The TecnoLácteos and TecnoCárnicos Andina 2018 congress & tradeshow will be occur in the city of Bogotá in Colombia, from 16 to 17 of April. The event is an opportunity for dairy and meat producers to learn new technologies for production, new ingredients and trends for the industries. The dairy experts team of DuPont Nutrition & Health South America will present innovation, trends and consumer insights trough 3 conferences in the event´s agenda. 

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Presentation 1:

Title: Cleaner Labels Trough Protective Cultures & Ingredients 
When: April 16th, 11h – 11:30h
Description: Consumers are looking for eating recipes that are perceived as natural as possible. With the rise of purchase power of Millennials, yet to reach its peak in South America, it is expected that these consumers seek out and intensify the willingness to purchase products that are labeled organic, natural, free of GMOs, etc. At this presentation, we are going to present innovative solutions to answer this growing market need.

Presenter: Juan Escobar, Senior Dairy Specialist


Presentation 2:

Title: Linking 3 key elements for dairy success in emerging markets: Accessibility, Taste and Health

When: April 17th, 11h – 11:30h

Description: As other emerging markets, South America region presents some economic volatility that associated with the fact, that some Dairy categories may be perceived as premium or superfluos (e.g.Yoghurt), during the economic instability, dairy processors may experience loss of volume & sales of these premium categories. At this presentation, we are going to present ways to improve productivity and create affordable yet tasty & healthy products, that may be a game changer even during the tough periods of economy.

Presenter: Julio Lima, Senior Dairy Specialist 


Presentation 3:

Title: The ultimate trends at Food & Dairy Industry  

When: April 17th, 14h – 14:30h

Description: The world is changing fast. The consumers are better informed than ever and will challenge more and more the food processors to have better eating options. The rise of fitness lifestyle segment, the desire for eating healthy yet indulgence and the aging of population, are just few examples of the many other changes that are in place and will challenge the food industry in the future. At this presentation, we are going to present the ultimate trends and future needs for Dairy Industry, informing dairy processors about challenges and opportunities to win in the food arena. 

Presenter: Camilo Guerrero, Marketing Specialist

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