Healthy Ageing Summit APAC

Date: June 12-13 Location: Hilton Singapore Hotel, Singapore.

DuPont Nutrition & Health is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor for the inaugural Health Ageing Summit APAC, organised by the publishers and  

Food and nutrition play a significant role in encouraging healthy ageing. As one ages, various functions of the body such as muscles, organ and immunity will weaken. In Asia, the rapid ageing population is projected to almost triple from 547 million to nearly 1.3 billion by 2050. Countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Singapore are struggling to meet the nutrition needs of the silver tsunami. 

At this summit, industry leaders will come together to share on latest research and science, inspiring case studies across the region, and interactive panel discussion with industry leaders. 

Led by an industry and scientific expert, DuPont will also host an insightful and interactive roundtable discussion.

Join us at the summit and explore ways on how we can create tasty and nutritious food for the ageing population. 

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DuPont speaker information:

Time: 14.50 hrs
Speaker: Michelle Lee, ASEAN Marketing Leader, DuPont Nutrition & Health
Topic: Sixty is the new forty.  Ageing smartly in a super-ageing society

No region will be more impacted by population ageing than Asia. While everyone is aware that Japan is a fast ageing society and has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the world, countries like China, Singapore and Korea are also catching up with their ageing population. Asia is expected to be home to over 60% of the total population aged 65 years or older worldwide by the 2030s. While this drastic shift in the region’s demographic makeup may pose challenges, it also presents a silver lining, new possibilities and incredible business opportunities.  In this presentation, we look at the concerns that the silver generation may have. Through our consumer survey, we gather insights from the senior citizens in Japan and translating them into ideas to develop innovative food concepts in a smart way.

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