FoodReview Indonesia Bakery Seminar

Date: 5 April  Location: International Convention Center, Botani Sqaure, Bogar, Indonesia

DuPont Nutrition & Health will be presenting at the FoodReview Indonesia bakery seminar. 

In this seminar, our dedicated bakery expert Lee Lai See, regional director, food enzymes, Aileen Wang, marketing manager (ASEAN) and Jaizel Castillo, application specialist, bakery will be sharing on DuPont™ Danisco® latest bakery innovative solutions that will help you raise quality and freshness of your baked goods. 

Open the door to DuPont Nutrition & Health and join our dedicated bakery experts on the presentation below:

1) POWERFresh® and POWERSoft® – Powerful enzyme technology for superior freshness- Lee Lai See, Food Enzyme Director, ASPAC

POWERFresh® and POWERSoft® bakery enzyme solutions set a high standard in the market for bakery products.  The powerful enzyme technology from DuPont has an exceptional ability to delay staling in baked products. They are proven to improve and maintain freshness of baked goods throughout the shelf-life with better cost-in-use. 

Baked goods made with POWERFresh® are fresher and softer, delivering improved crumb softness, excellent crumb resilience and a unique fresh mouthfeel. By addressing trends and fulfilling consumer needs, bakers will discover how partnering with DuPont can help increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

- The innovative technology behind POWERFresh® and POWERSoft®

- How can enzymes help you differentiate your bakery products 

2) Setting bakery trends with Japanese innovations - Aileen Wang, Marketing Manager (ASEAN) and Jaizel Castillo, Bakery Application Specialist (ASEAN)

When it comes to the bakery industry, Japan is seen as the trendsetter and highly regarded for their quality, variety, and innovative products. Their pursuit of perfection coupled with consumers’ high standards, and their love for novel and premium products not only set Japan apart from other Asian countries but also drive strong influence in baked goods development. Southeast Asia is no stranger to these products.  While they remain popular and are commonly artisanal, the market in the last few years had a rising interest in industrializing Japanese-like baked goods to meet consumers’ growing demand on high quality bakery products.  

- The market insights and current bakery trends in the Japanese market

- How Southeast Asia baked goods are translating these trends locally  

- How to achieve Japanese-like baked products with DuPont™ Danisco® range of solutions and latest innovation

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