Discover the Whitespace: Plant-Based Fermented Beverages

Date: February 21, 2018 Time: 01:15 PM EST Online Webinar 

Consumer demand for both plant-based and fermented beverages is soaring because these products are perceived as natural and healthy alternatives to traditional beverages. DuPont Nutrition & Health has created a unique way to combine plant-based and fermented beverages - opening a novel category in today’s competitive beverage market.

Join our webinar to discover a unique and versatile beverage base that can be customized for any consumer preference or need. 

Attendees will learn about the landscape of plant-based and fermented beverages, how they intersect, and critical considerations for commercial success in this growing area. 

Who should attend?

This is a must-attend event for food & beverage entrepreneurs, general managers, marketers, formulators, brand managers, regulatory & labeling experts, retailers, ingredients suppliers, and market researchers.

Speaker information:

Greg Paul - Marketing Leader, Beverage Industry, DuPont Nutrition & Health. 

Jason Mueller - Application Specialist, Beverages, DuPont Nutrition & Health. 

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