International Meeting on Fats and Oils processing recent advances in Trans Fat alternatives

Date: 10-11 May, 2017,  Location: Expo Dom Pedro – Campinas - SP, Brazil

The Brazilian Society of Oils and Fats - SBOG, is organizing the 2017 Congress of Fats & Oils - International Meeting on Fats and Oil Processing: recent advances in trans fat alternatives, in Brazil to be held in Campinas city from May 10th to 11th, 2017.This event aims to promote the sharing of their experiences about the latest trends in the development of functional fats and strategies for the structuring of oils as alternatives to the use of partially hydrogenated fats in food formulation, among other topics of interest to all professionals in the field oil and fat.

DuPont brings innovation during the presentation “Low Sat No Trans – breaking paradigms”, by showing the new technology for the industry to overcome the challenge of food manufactures to produce low fat foods. The new solution guarantees the same sensorial attributes of the product and “low claims” possibilities. Come to Listen our speaker Henrique Araújo, Oils and Fats - Senior Application Specialist for DuPont Nutrition & Health South America.

When: May 10th - 15:30-16:00. 

We hope to see you there.

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