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Emerging Trends in Food and Beverages

The big topics affecting the food and beverage industry today

Few markets see trends emerging faster than food and beverage. Consumers have woken up to the impact of diet on both the planet and their own health—and they’re voting with their shopping baskets and menu choices.

That means there’s never been a more dynamic—or a more challenging—time for food and beverage manufacturers. New trends emerge all the time but these big ones are already shaping the entire industry now:

Thinking Beyond our Mouths

We’re all thinking a bit longer-term these days.

Sustainability has become a major factor in consumer choice. People are choosing cleaner labels, healthier products and more balanced diets. The food and beverage industry has taken note, offering products that serve the long-term health of the earth while also bolstering consumer health in a number of ways.

Food will always be a pleasure, but it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure anymore.

Find out more about delivering delicious food and drink in a way that works for the planet and for the future on the Sustainability page.

The Rise of Protein

Consumers understand protein. Whether associated with weight management, physical performance or keeping an aging body lean and strong, protein has come to represent health.  And people are increasingly building their diets around it.

It’s part of a wider pivot from ‘anti-fat’ and ‘anti-sugar’ to a more positive health stance: a better nutrition — and protein is a big part of that.

Plant-Based Potential

The preferred source of protein is changing. Consumers are increasingly seeking out protein from sources other than meat and dairy. The drivers for moving to a more plant-based diet are many (including health, sustainability and variety) but the need is the same: more plant protein.

The trend towards plant-based alternatives to meat or dairy products can only accelerate if they deliver on taste and texture.

Find out more about the drivers, opportunities and challenges of this exciting sector on the Plant-based Health pages.

Keeping Labels Simple

It’s hard to pin down precisely what makes a “clean label” as there are no explicit ingredient restrictions. What we can see is a clear move towards natural, recognizable ingredient names and shorter ingredient lists.

Many consumers admit that recognizable ingredients influence their purchase decision.

This means that food producers need to be capable of a continuous and fast product innovation without incurring additional costs or sacrificing product quality. It also means it’s important to be transparent when it comes to what’s inside your food and beverage products. People want to feel comfortable with every ingredient, know why it’s there and understand where it comes from.

We can help shorten your ingredient lists and clean up your labels with ingredients consumers can feel good about. Find out more on the Clean Label page.

The Gut as the Key to Wellness

Digestive health has been a growing trend over the past few years as consumers become more educated on gut bacteria and the associated effect on both physical and mental wellness.

Consumers are eager for new digestive solutions, and ‘feeling the benefit’ is the route to success. A product with proven, tangible benefits to consumers’ digestive health has a huge marketing advantage.

There’s a preventative aspect to digestive health, too, as people look to reduce feelings of gas, bloating, or more severe gastrointestinal symptoms. We’re seeing probiotics expand across all types of products, growing beyond just dairy. Fermented foods are making their way into common recipes and prebiotics are being recognized as a pillar of digestive wellness.

Find out more about delivering better gut health for consumers in a wide range of products on the Digestive Health page.

Eating Better, Living Better

The ‘afternoon slump’ may soon be extinct, as consumers prioritize nutrition that positively affects them in their daily lives—in areas like energy, stress and sleep.

More of us are realizing that by making better choices with our diets we can eat and drink our way to happier, healthier, longer lives.

Find out what better nutrition means and how to deliver on it, from infancy to old age, on the Better Nutrition pages.

How can Nutrition & Biosciences help you win in this space?

At Nutrition & Biosciences, we use consumer insights and nutritional science to develop the best possible ingredients for the best possible products. We combine our expertise in taste and texture with tried-and-tested functional ingredients to make solutions that consumers will love.

The trend towards healthy living can be a major opportunity for product innovation and the building of strong brand loyalty. To learn more about our survey findings, ingredient solutions and application opportunities, contact us today.


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