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Our solutions start with your ruminant challenges


We know that it is important for ruminant producers to raise healthy animals and maximize product efficiencies, realizing profitability. By bringing together the most innovative feed additive technologies with our nutribiotic approach, we offer specific, science-based solutions for many stages of ruminant production, such as:

  • Supporting early health status and immunity
  • Improving energy balance
  • Increasing milk yield and metabolic efficiency
  • Mitigating negative effects from heat stress and whole animal or rumen stress
  • Maintaining gut integrity and health
  • Delivering better starch and fiber digestion
  • Minimizing production and maintenance costs
  • Improving carcass quality
  • Improving feed to gain
  • Cutting feed costs
  • Encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria for a healthy/balanced gut microflora

Whatever your concern, we have the innovative solutions, expertise, and science-based strategies to deliver the commercial results you are looking for.

Ruminant products to meet your production challenges

Our growing ruminant product portfolio comprises enzymes, probiotics and betaine. This innovative range of proven, cost-effective solutions, together with our customer-driven services, help you to optimize ruminant nutrition and production, animal health and ultimately, profitability.


For all stages of production

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  • Calf

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  • Dairy

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  • Beef


Our comprehensive portfolio





  • BovizymeTM GA - Glucoamylase (coming soon)



Unique solutions:

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  • Products

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  • Species

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  • Challenges

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  • Services


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