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At Danisco Animal Nutrition, we combine one of the largest swine and poultry product portfolios in the feed additives industry with world-class expertise in nutrition and health. Targeting all stages of production and species, our broad range of cost-effective feed additive solutions is proven to optimize nutrition, liveability, and profitability.

We understand the challenges you face

Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge and advanced product portfolio to make a positive difference to your business. That’s why our approach is entirely focused on meeting your production needs and helping address the broader industry issues that impact your operations - now and in the future.

We know, for example, that changing genetics and increasing litter sizes are driving increased nutrition requirements. Yet at the same time, emissions must be reduced to comply with government regulations, and this requires better nutrient digestibility.

Maintaining production consistency is also complicated by the need to remove or reduce antibiotic use, both in response to regulatory pressure and consumer concerns around health. This issue leaves producers facing unpredictable disease challenges and veterinarians with fewer weapons to fight them.

Finding practical solutions to these complex requirements drives our research, informs our thinking, and shapes our response.


  • Poultry

From improving egg production to reducing carcass contamination there are many issues we can solve.


  • Swine

Our comprehensive swine product portfolio comprises enzymes, probiotics, phytogenics, betaine, and combined feed technologies.


Unique solutions:

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