Syncra® AVI

Active protection for your birds


Syncra® AVI is a combined enzyme and probiotic solution designed to deliver measurable performance improvements.

The enzymes improve nutrient digestibility and flock uniformity, while the probiotics actively protect against health challenges. Syncra® AVI is formulated to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing environments, including widespread restrictions on the use of antibiotics.


Key Benefits

  • Improves nutrient digestibility: Ensures less undigested substrate reaching the terminal ileum where it could otherwise act as a food source for non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Increases beneficial bacteria in the gut: Modulates the microflora; creating a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria and maintaining diverse populations - even in times of challenge.
  • Reduces the energy cost of immune response: Improves nutrient digestibility, restores the balance in the intestinal tract environment and improves ability of the bird to deal with challenges.
  • Maintains a favorable nutribiotic state: Where nutrition, the microbiome, and the gut and immune function interact to create balance in the gastrointestinal tract; leading to improved performance.

We Love Guts! Hear how our growing understanding of gastrointestinal health is helping customers raise healthier birds in a more sustainable way.


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